Blart: A Little Blob of Art

Blart: A Little Blob of Art


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Ever wonder what goes on inside a sketchbook after it's closed?

Grade: K - 12th (use with children of all ages to encourage both verbal and written response)

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Meet Blart—a Little Blob of Art who discovers a sketchbook can be full of adventure! When Blart gets bored with his page, he moves on to find other forgotten bits of art and even some abandoned supplies. But what can a small blob do when he awakens the power and magic of art? This 40-page wordless picture book invites conversational analysis, abstract thinking, and interpretive writing.

Use Blart for a writing activity our book Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers & Writers through Deep Comprehension to help students understand the importance of setting and its relationship to a story's plot and theme.

For additional writing activities, download these additional activities: Blart Extension Activities.

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