What educators are saying . . .


“What a blessing it is for you to have both the professional expertise, but also the gift of kindness and compassion for these bright kids who just need a different way of teaching.” ~Kristen



“I thoroughly enjoy your classes. It’s a lot of fun to watch you interact with each other, and get a chance to interact a little too. I’m so excited about your currently available materials as well as the ones that are in the works! Thanks for all you do!

I can't possibly express how grateful I am for all of the resources, classes, encouragement, insight, etc. that the entire RIL team has provided. Know that you have all truly made a difference in the learning environment in our home and in the development of my children. I feel so encouraged by you and confident in the work we are doing.” (LAP: Word Study)

“Thanks for all you've done. It has honestly been a life changing year to have the resources we needed. Your help and your team has made all the difference!” ~Jenny



“Thank you for your care and dedication in helping us all, in an on-going way. The whole class and this one in particular has helped ease my mind. The way the two of you presented it was helpful in giving an overview. Seeing you demonstrate that there are choices to be made in every passage was liberating.

I see more clearly that we are laying a path and a little better how that looks and what that means in this. It's a process!” ~Tara (Roots Entwined)

“Whether working with a traditional learner or a struggling learner, the tools and resources that Rooted in Language offers and teaches have allowed us to go deep in our study of all areas of language arts - phonics & spelling, word study, grammar & mechanics, writing & editing, and deep comprehension. We are working on consolidating all of these language skills and having fun while doing it! It's rich, it's deep, it's engaging...we LOVE all things Rooted in Language!” ~ Linda