Letters To...

Letters To...


Writing with figurative language and abstract thought

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by Rita Cevasco, M.A., Tracy Molitors, and Claire Molitors

Recommended Grade Level: 3 - 12


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Write a letter to something you love that cannot write back. We create letters exploring the comparative literary elements of personification, simile, metaphor, imagery, and analogy. Many children have difficulty engaging in abstract thinking and writing. Letters To... walks them through this process, helping them link their concrete ideas to abstract, higher level analysis. Time and time again, students find this approach effective and engaging. Even reluctant writers are willing to give it a try!

Combining writing and illustration, this graphic storytelling approach is a great way to get kids of all ages writing. This strategy can be used again and again throughout the school years and is an excellent supplement to any language arts program.

Letters To... can be reprinted for personal use.

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