Laying a Path 2: Vocabulary & Word Study

Laying a Path 2: Vocabulary & Word Study


2018 CLASS CLOSED ~ 2019 TBA

A guided approach for parents and teachers who engage in vocabulary and spelling lessons with students.

Class taught by Rita Cevasco and Moira Chrzanowski

Recommended: Educators of Grades PreK - 12

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Word Study is important for understanding spelling and vocabulary. Good readers and spellers must rely on coordinating: sound processing, phonics, spelling conventions, grammar, and word study. In fact, word study combines all of these skills, helping kids improve their vocabulary knowledge and spelling proficiency.

In this class you will learn how we teach word study to our kids. We teach you how to teach your kids across all reading levels, from simple words to complex, multi-syllable vocabulary. You will learn multi-sensory strategies to share with your kids to strengthen their morphological awareness, how words are built, and why our spelling system is both complex and simple. Strategies are appropriate for use with new readers through high school level. 

This class is best taken in conjunction with Laying A Path 1: Phonics & Spelling for a comprehensive approach to teaching spelling.

This class is best taken in conjunction with Laying A Path 3: Grammar & Mechanics for a comprehensive approach to grammar and vocabulary usage.

Each Laying a Path: Vocabulary & Word Study session is 2 hours long, and will be on April 13th and 20th, from 2pm-4pm EST.

In the live class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Class recordings will be sent to all participants after each session. You must have a free Zoom account to participate in our class and a gmail account to view the recordings.

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