Explore-a-Story: Graphic Character Journal

Explore-a-Story: Graphic Character Journal


Part literary analysis tool, part book journal

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by Tracy Molitors and Rita Cevasco

Recommended Grade Level: 2 - 12

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Children of all ages use the Graphic Character Journal to explore the stories they read. The journal contains drawing pages to help create graphic versions of story characters. Tips and tricks throughout the journal will grow children as artists. Bits and pieces of writing will grow children as writers, helping them capture their ideas on paper. Explore-a-Story teaches children to write about conflict, theme, setting, and character analysis.

Explore-a-Story: Graphic Charater Journal makes a great addition to your language arts curriculum! It allows your children to dig deeper into the stories they read and track their progress across a semester or even a full year.

Explore-a-Story can be reprinted for personal use with any story.