Free Webinar with Joy Martin

Free Webinar with Joy Martin


Free Webinar!

Rita Cevasco and Joy Martin discuss the psychology behind children's emotional response to learning struggles.

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Free Webinar: February 22nd

7pm EST

Rita Cevasco will be sitting down with Joy Martin to dig into the emotional responses from children as they face learning difficulties. What is the fear behind approaching reading and writing? How can we help our children learn and understand with less stress?

Joy will discuss her own experience growing up with dyslexia, as well as raising her own children with reading struggles. Her experiences come from studying the psychology and science behind reading/writing anxiety and from sifting through those difficulties first-hand. Her insight can provide helpful empathy and understanding for parents and educators when working with students who struggle with reading and writing. 

Join us on Thursday, February 22nd for an opportunity to ask questions and be a part of the conversation. After registration, you will receive your invitation via email a week before the webinar.

If you join live, you will have a chance to receive a free gift from Rooted in Language!

A bit about Joy:

"In the interest of helping others effectively, I engaged in higher education to complete a Psychology degree with a special focus in addiction and recovery, and marriage and family therapy . . .

Unfortunately, my struggles and challenges with dyslexia complicated ‘learning’ for me [growing up]. The thought of reading in front of someone, let alone telling them what I had just read, absolutely terrified me . . . 

I believed that I was stupid, and I carried that false belief into my adulthood. Yet, a college education remained a ‘dream’ deep down in my heart. The good news is that dreams do come true!

Today I am passionate about educating and helping families in the realm of addiction, trauma, and disordered learning. I am delighted to collaborate with parents to pave new and successful pathways of learning for themselves, their children, and generations to come."