Five action-packed phonics and spelling games!

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by Rita Cevasco, M.A., Tracy Molitors, and Moira Chrzanowski

Recommended Grade Level: PreK - 9

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Sound processing is a necessary ingredient in all reading, phonics, and spelling programs. These critical strategies are taught through five multi-sensory games, enjoyed by kids of all ages. All readers will benefit from strengthening their sound processing skills, and struggling readers and writers will need additional consistent and ongoing practice. 

Build-a-Bug enhances learning the automatic sound-to-letter connection needed for fluent reading and spelling. These games involve active participation with sounds and symbols as kids build sound bugs or swat the bugs they hear. Teaching strategies are fun and user-friendly with colorful illustrations. We find kids of all ages enjoy building and swatting their way to learning! These strategies and games can be used repeatedly throughout the school year and for years to come.

Build-a-Bug can be reprinted for personal use.

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