The Annotation Bookmark

The Annotation Bookmark


The Annotation Bookmark: A Tool for Close Reading

by Rita Cevasco, M.A., and Tracy Molitors

Recommended Grade Level: 6 - 12


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Marking up the margins in a book encourages close reading and deeper comperhension. The Annotation Bookmark offers additional guided practice with Annotating Literary Elements. Children learn best when they have a means to make annotation practice more visible and enjoyable. Let The Annotation Bookmark show the way! Help middle school and high school readers capture and record interpretive thoughts, while paying close attention to the writer’s style and techniques.

If your student needs more exposure to annotating or understanding literary elements, first employ our Annotating Literary Elements curriculum, then use The Annotation Bookmark as a follow-up guided lesson. The Annotation Bookmark gives additional opportunity for children to learn in stages and over time.

The Annotation Bookmark can be reprinted for personal use with any story.

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