Word Study Curriculum

Word Study Curriculum


Our number one method for teaching spelling and vocabulary!

Grade: 3rd - 12th (can be modified for younger ages)

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Wordy Study is a supplemental Language Arts program that promotes spelling and vocabulary growth. These lessons and activities employ a multisensory approach, walking students through an understanding of how words are built--known as morphology. Lessons also introduce the origin and history of words--known as etymology.

Word Study teaches common word structures such as base words, prefixes, and suffixes, demonstrating the relationship between word formation, meaning, and spelling. In our Word Study program, students learn to apply practical spelling knowledge that both strengthens written expression and improves vocabulary comprehension.

Word Study is an effective tool for learning vocabulary across all subject areas. Students are also introduced to the research-based method known as Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), encouraging lifelong scholarship!

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