Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension

Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension


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Encourage children on their journey to become readers who “think deeply to write deeply”!

Grade: K - 12th (these strategies can be modified for all ages)

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Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers & Writers through Deep Comprehension is an inspirational resource for parents and educators who help children learn to analyze text. Trees in the Forest takes adults on a personal journey, engaging them in close reading. This journey helps them foster comprehension skills and better prepares them for teaching children. Learning happens best in relationship, so we offer hands-on teaching strategies to promote this philosophy.

This book includes five interactive strategies to help children develop deep reading skills and practice thoughtful writing. Repeated usage throughout the school years will help students generate greater engagement and response. The activities are language and art-based and will augment any language arts program, promoting close reading and analytical writing.

Activities within Trees in the Forest can be reprinted for personal use with any story.

Grade K-12 These strategies can be modified for all ages.

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“I am a retired special education teacher and school administrator who now provides professional development to teachers Pre-K through 8th grade. I know good teaching when I see it, and I recognize the challenge of breaking the complexities of instruction into its finer points. Rita Cevasco presents

complex ideas with simple activities, allowing you the opportunity to practice the process, promoting confidence as you build on the complexity. (Sounds just like good teaching, doesn’t it?!) Trees in the Forest will not only guide you towards deeper instructional activities, but will provide a springboard for your own future lessons. I strongly recommend your taking the time to explore this beautiful book!”