Build-a-Bug: Blank Bugs

Build-a-Bug: Blank Bugs


Build skills in all sizes with these colorful manipulatives!

Grade: K - 12th

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Blank Bugs provide multiple-sized bugs to increase the flexibility of students’ hands-on learning! Print off and write on these little, medium, and big bugs to create multi-sensory games and practice across curricula. Anything that can be built in steps or stages can be represented using bug parts. Different bug sizes and parts meet different learning demands and can be used to enhance teaching concepts.

The bug design automatically emphasizes left-to-right orientation and sequencing, but the bugs can be easily rearranged for less structured concepts. Students can write anything on bugs parts, including:

  • Individual letters
  • Words
  • Syllables
  • Whole sentences
  • Numbers
  • Equations
  • Story parts

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