Big Bug Grammar 1: Sentence Types

Big Bug Grammar 1: Sentence Types


Bring grammar and mechanics to life for improved sentence construction and comprehension!

Grade: K - 12th

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Add a little creepy-crawly to your grammar studies with Big Bug Grammar!

In Part One of our functional grammar program, multiple lessons teach students the usage and application of key grammar concepts. Bugs provide an alternative to diagramming sentences, illustrating sentence parts rather than parts of speech.

Through explicit teaching and practice, students learn how to represent complex concepts in a way that’s both meaningful and sticky. Best of all, these strategies can be applied to all learning levels--from simple readers to complicated ACT practice sentences!

Concepts learned and practiced include:

  • Basic sentence mechanics
  • Subjects and verbs
  • Action verb sentence structure
  • Linking verb sentence structure
  • Helping verb sentence structure
  • Compound sentence parts

As students build bugs, they build grammar concepts, deepening their understanding!

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