Annotation BookMarks: Poetry Lesson

Annotation BookMarks: Poetry Lesson


Mark up text to promote close reading and deeper comprehension!

Grade: 7th - 12th (can be modified for younger students with age-appropriate reading selections)

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The Annotation BookMarks Poetry Lesson offers more guided practice as a follow up to Annotating Literary Elements. The lesson contains Annotation Bookmarks, a reproducible guide to cue students on key literary devices, helping them annotate and interpret literature. Bookmarks can be printed and folded, providing space for students to:

  • track literary techniques and structural elements

  • capture and record thoughts

  • pay close attention to the writer’s style and techniques

Successful annotation requires a great deal of underlying skill, necessitating time and practice. Therefore, students need multiple opportunities to practice annotation across all genres. This lesson uses the classic ballad poem, “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes, with guided prompts and an answer key. Annotation BookMarks can be reprinted for personal use with any story.

Annotation BookMarks Poetry Lesson can be used as a follow-up to the Annotating Literary Elements curriculum.

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