Annotation BookMarks: 125 Copy License

Annotation BookMarks: 125 Copy License


If you are interested in using the BookMarks activity in a classroom or co-op setting, this license is permission to print up to 125 copies!

Grades: 7th - 12th (can be modified for younger students with age-appropriate reading selections)

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BookMarks is a reproducible guide to cue students on key literary devices, helping them annotate and interpret literature. Bookmarks can be printed and folded, providing space for students to:

  • track literary techniques and structural elements
  • capture and record thoughts
  • pay close attention to the writer’s style and techniques

This license and copy does not come with a specific literary activity, but is open to be used with any novel, short story, poem, or narrative. For ideas and suggestions on how to use BookMarks, see Annotating Literary Elements and the BookMarks Poetry Lesson.

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