Rooted in Language Copyright Policy

All Rights Reserved.

The digital products you purchase from Rooted in Language are owned and licensed by Rooted in Language, LLC.

If you have purchased a digital product, you may create copies for your own personal use. However, these products may not be used in a group context (co-ops, schools, shared homeschooling) without written permission. Additionally, digitally downloaded products may not be forwarded, reproduced, shared, or resold to anyone else.

Please contact Rooted in Language at for more details if you wish to use this product beyond individual use.

Thank you for honoring our copyright policy. It enables us to continue to offer you high quality products at a reasonable price. We value our relationships with our customers and thank you for respecting our work.

Disclaimer: At Rooted in Language we believe in our products and ideas. Each item has been refined through our work with children of varying ages and abilities.  However, we recognize that children are individuals and their needs are complicated, so we cannot ensure your personal success. Rooted in Language offers no explicit or implied guarantee or warranty for your children's learning outcomes.