The L.A. Binder: Make & Take

The L.A. Binder: Make & Take


Online Educator Training

Schedule: June 21st 2019, 3pm EST - CLASS CLOSED

The week before the class, you will receive a welcome email containing:

  • Zoom Webinar invitation link

  • Materials Packet

Learn how to teach your students to build a comprehensive Language Arts reference guide!

What are educator training classes?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas.

Our classes dive deeply into each underlying language arts skill area, equipping educators to meet individual student needs. Deep learning strategies are provided and demonstrated, helping educators know how to best teach reading and writing skills at all learning levels. We show you methods that are effective and research-based. All classes include a materials packet to be used by the educator throughout the school year.

In the live class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Class recordings will be made available to all participants after the course, viewable for up to 12 months. You must have a Zoom account to participate in our classes. This account is free and easy to set up at

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What will I learn?

We show educators how we help students organize essential areas of language arts, including: phonics, spelling, word study, grammar, literary elements, writing techniques, as well as important tips, tricks, and reminders. We share these ideas with educators, teaching you how to help students build a condensed resource for the most useful LA rules, guides, and strategies studied within a year of language arts. When skills are not yet automatic, it is hard for students to hold it all in their heads. The LA Binder acts like a second brain, helping students reference prior learning and take responsibility for independent work. A packet of teaching materials is included and provides some of the necessary ingredients for building an LA Binder with students.

“It is easier to find answers in your binder than in your actual brain sometimes!” ~ Student

How will it help?

As each student creates their LA Binder, they strengthen their working memory and increase their independence as readers and writers. We encourage students to use their LA Binder as a reference while working on language arts, so it creates a bridge between what students learn and how they apply it to their work. Students build the LA Binder as they learn new concepts, and they are responsible for finding information when needed. We want students to realize they do not need to remember everything, but they do need to use the tools they have available. Using the LA Binder encourages students to take ownership for their learning and helps parents and educators to stay organized, as well.  

“Creating the binder was very helpful and fit so well ... another perspective about what works.” ~ Class Participant

Why Make & Take?

Some classes are best understood when the educator can experience creating a resource to use with students. You build the LA Binder while we show our order of teaching. We share our reasoning and our methods for supporting student knowledge of LA concepts, including phonics, spelling, grammar, and word study principles. You create a personal reference that is both effective and “sticky” when working with students. By the end of class, the educator will have an LA Binder model to reference when teaching students to build their own guide as they learn.

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