Laying a Path: Grammar & Mechanics

Laying a Path: Grammar & Mechanics


Online Educator Training

2019-20 Schedule: January 10th & 17th, 1-4pm EST

2020-21 Schedule: TBA

The week before the class, you will receive a welcome email containing:

  • Zoom Webinar invitation link

  • 52 page Instructional Plan

Learn to teach grammar and writing mechanics using methods that are functional, multi-sensory, and even enjoyable!

What are educator training classes?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas.

Our classes dive deeply into each underlying language arts skill area, equipping educators to meet individual student needs. Deep learning strategies are provided and demonstrated, helping educators know how to best teach reading and writing skills at all learning levels. We show you methods that are effective and research-based. All classes include a comprehensive Instructional Plan, which can be used by the educator as their teaching guide going forward.

Laying a Path is a series of master classes for educators, demonstrating how to teach foundational language arts skills for reading and writing growth. These practices support all learners, especially those who struggle. The series is designed to give educators a base of knowledge in each area: Phonics & Spelling, Word Study, Grammar & Mechanics, Supported Writing & Editing, and Reading Accuracy & Comprehension.

In the live class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Class recordings will be made available to all participants after the course, viewable for up to 12 months. You must have a Zoom account to participate in our classes. This account is free and easy to set up at

“I never really took grammar all that seriously...this isn't to say that we didn't cover grammar, but [my son] wasn't transferring any of it to his writing. I personally only finally started to make a meaningful connection regarding the importance of grammar because of [taking this class].  I can definitely see why we need to learn it and HOW to actually apply that learning. I also feel much more confident and empowered by incorporating these techniques into his writing and reading.” ~ Daneale

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What will I learn?

Laying a Path: Grammar & Mechanics focuses on teaching educators the importance and practical use of grammar and mechanics.  We show educators the multisensory approaches we use to help students improve their comprehension of complex writing, write better sentences, and learn how to edit their own work. You will learn how to teach your students across all reading and writing levels, from simple text to complex literature. You will learn our most functional approach to teaching grammar and writing mechanics, helping students understand how to apply grammar knowledge, even while they are still learning why. We demonstrate the grammar strategies we apply to grade-level literature, as well as to editing original student writing.

This class is best taken in conjunction with Laying a Path: Word Study for a comprehensive approach to teaching grammar. Add Laying a Path: Supported Writing & Editing for a comprehensive approach to writing.

“I thoroughly enjoy your classes. It’s a lot of fun to watch you interact with each other, and get a chance to interact a little too. I’m so excited about your currently available materials as well as the ones that are in the works! Thanks for all you do!” ~ Class Participant

How does it help?

Grammar is important for comprehension, spelling, organized writing, and editing. Strong grammar knowledge is foundational for all language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. This often misunderstood, avoided, or ignored piece of the language system is key to improving students’ comprehension and writing proficiency. When grammar becomes meaningful, understanding becomes possible and even enjoyable for all learners.

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