Laying a Path: Full Series Bundle

Laying a Path: Full Series Bundle

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Online Educator Training

2019-20 Schedule:

  •     Phonics & Spelling: September 20th & 27th, 1-4pm EST

  •     Word Study: October 25th & November 1st, 1-4pm EST

  •     Grammar & Mechanics: January 10th & 17th, 1-4pm EST

  •     Reading Accuracy & Comprehension: February 13th & 21st, 1-4pm EST

2020-21 Schedule: TBA

The week before each class, you will receive a welcome email containing:

  • Zoom Webinar invitation link

  • Multi-page Instructional Plan (per class)

Strengthen your teaching methods for all essential language arts skill areas!

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What are educator training classes?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas.

Our classes dive deeply into each underlying language arts skill area, equipping educators to meet individual student needs. Deep learning strategies are provided and demonstrated, helping educators know how to best teach reading and writing skills at all learning levels. We show you methods that are effective and research-based. All classes include a comprehensive Instructional Plan, which can be used by the educator as their teaching guide going forward.

Laying a Path is a series of master classes for educators, demonstrating how to teach foundational language arts skills for reading and writing growth. These practices support all learners, especially those who struggle. The series is designed to give educators a base of knowledge in each area: Phonics & Spelling, Word Study, Grammar & Mechanics, and Reading Accuracy & Comprehension.

In the live class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Class recordings will be made available to all participants after the course, viewable for up to 12 months. You must have a Zoom account to participate in our classes. This account is free and easy to set up at

“I have found the Laying a Path be a wonderful blessing at my home. Thank you again for the wonderful year. I have learned a ton! And while my youngest doesn't have any learning disabilities, I found that these strategies and activities are fabulous for ALL kids to do.  So my [kids] both do many of them together. They are learning a ton and every month and I can see changes—some great, some small, but each worth celebrating!” ~ Class Participant

How does it help?

Reading and writing are higher-level language abilities requiring competency across many different foundational skills. Students must exercise and deepen these key skills until they become automatic and fluent. Once fluency is obtained, children thrive in their higher-level reading and writing development, including:

  • Deep comprehension of text

  • Analytical thinking skills

  • Enhanced written expression  

The Laying a Path series of classes is all about “laying a path” for educators, equipping them with the tools to move their own students along a step-by-step journey to successful learning. We want to put the power of effective, useful, and functional teaching methods in the hands of the educator so that these powerful strategies and philosophies can have a greater impact. Our goal is to arm parents and educators with the tools to provide the necessary practice, attention, and support for every student’s language arts needs!

What will I learn?

The Laying a Path series provides educator training for all underlying and essential language arts skills. You will learn our best-practice strategies, teaching methods, tools, and sequence for teaching: phonics & spelling rules, structural word-forming elements and vocabulary building, grammar and writing mechanics, and reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills.

Laying a Path is divided into four courses across the school year. Each class is two consecutive sessions and covers one of the key skill areas needed for reading and writing growth:

Phonics & Spelling focuses on teaching educators how to strengthen the most foundational skill of reading and writing: a strong phonological system. Successful readers and spellers must learn to connect and apply sounds to symbols efficiently. They must also be explicitly taught spelling rules in order to organize and store common patterns for successful application. This class teaches educators and parents how to practically teach and practice phonics and spelling skills. Through this 6-hour course, you will learn how to teach your own students across all phonics levels. You will learn multi-sensory strategies to share with your students to strengthen their phonological processing, sound-to-letter associations, and spelling skills.

Word Study focuses on teaching educators how to teach spelling through Word Study--studying the structural elements of words—prefixes, base words,and suffixes—as well as a word’s root origin and language history. This class teaches educators and parents the best method for teaching spelling and building vocabulary. You will learn multi-sensory strategies to strengthen your students’ awareness of how words are built, then apply this knowledge to improve spelling, word meaning, and usage. You will learn how to teach your students across all reading levels, from simple words to multi-syllable vocabulary. Word Study demonstrates the relationship between word structure and spelling, helping educators to incorporate this important spelling practice into their language arts programs. We show how we make word study relevant at every grade level and recommend resources for further study. This class helps educators and students understand how words work and why spelling is not a series of inconsistencies!

Grammar & Mechanics focuses on teaching educators the importance and practical use of grammar and mechanics. You will learn how to teach your students across all reading and writing levels, from simple text to complex literature. You will learn our most functional approach to teaching grammar and writing mechanics, helping students understand how to apply grammar knowledge, even while they are still learning why. We demonstrate the grammar strategies we apply to grade-level literature, as well as to editing original student writing. We show educators how to help students improve their comprehension of complex writing, write better sentences, and learn how to edit their own work.

Reading Accuracy & Comprehension focuses on teaching educators how to teach and employ reading accuracy and comprehension strategies. You will learn how to teach your students across all reading levels, from early sentences to high school text. We will demonstrate multi-sensory strategies to use with your students that deepen their comprehension, increase their fluency, and improve their attention to text!

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