Rita Cevasco & Associates

Language & Reading Evaluations

Speech-language evaluations use comprehensive standardized testing, along with information from other professionals, parent and teacher questionnaires and interviews, and clinical observations to arrive at a diagnosis. Testing provides documentation and recommendations to families and schools. Evaluations may address the following skills:

  • Expressive Language (oral)
  • Receptive Language (listening comprehension)
  • Reading and Writing
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Articulation and Oral Motor
  • Auditory Processing and Language Working Memory
  • Semantics and Syntax (vocabulary and grammar)
  • Pragmatic Language (social and conversational abilities)

All evaluations are completed in our office. They are scheduled over one or two days, and usually last 3-4 hours. Additional parent/guardian consultation may be scheduled after the testing to discuss findings and make recommendations. A formal report is available within four weeks of the evaluation.