The Word Study Curriculum

The Word Study Curriculum


PDF Download - 72 page supplemental curriculum (10 activities)

Grade Level: 3rd - 12th (can be modified for younger ages)

Word Study helps students unlock the mystery of English and strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills.

English seems full of irregular spellings! “Sounding-out” is only half of the equation…

What is Word Study?

Word Study is the study of the structural elements of words—prefixes, base words,and suffixes—as well as a word’s root origin and language history. Spelling is the interaction of Word Study and Phonics.

How does it help?

Most English words are built with a relatively consistent structure: prefixes + base word + suffixes. In order to become strong spellers, students must learn to recognize and apply these word-forming elements along with their phonics skills! Students will approach spelling through a scientific and constructive lens. Research supports that Word Study results in the best retention and usage of vocabulary and spelling skills.

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How do I use it?

The Word Study Curriculum provides explicit instruction in the application of Word Study to spelling. This program can be used by the educator to guide students through key Word Study skill-building. The program can also be used as an independent study by older students. For a deeper understanding of Word Study and how to teach it, use this program along with the Laying a Path: Word Study class and the Alien Bug Word Study activity.

The Word Study Curriculum offers strategies that can be applied repeatedly, throughout your schooling. Our approach strengthens students’ writing skills and builds vocabulary. Additionally, Word Study can be applied across all subject areas. Through Word Study, students are introduced to the research-based method of Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), encouraging lifelong scholarship!

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