Sticky Ideas: Winter

Sticky Ideas: Winter


PDF Download - 30 page packet (3 activities)

Grade Level: K - 12th

Make the most of winter with these themed, multisensory writing activities.

What are Sticky Ideas?

When a concept is sticky, it is easier to remember because it sticks with the student. The best approaches for reading and writing involve consistent, memorable, manageable steps across various areas of language arts. Sticky ideas employs bits and pieces of writing to create a finished product!

How does it help?

Deep learning occurs when students actively engage and create written products. Every Sticky Ideas: Winter activity includes multisensory approaches to help students connect with complex concepts. By participating in conversation, writing, moving, and critical thinking, students can gain deeper understanding across multiple subject areas.

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How do I use it?

Sticky Ideas: Winter includes bits and pieces of writing through word study, grammar, and critical thinking. This packet can be used by the educator to guide students through fun and functional writing activities. The program can also be used as an independent study by older students.

The activities can be done by an individual, or as part of a larger group. Several activity extensions also work well across multiple days.

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