Sticky Ideas

Sticky Ideas


PDF Download - 9 page packet (3 activities)

Grade Level: K - 12th

Inspire young, struggling, and typical writers to reach new heights (and depths) in their writing!

What are Sticky Ideas?

When ideas are sticky, they are easier to manipulate because they stick with the student. The best approaches for writing involve consistent, memorable, manageable steps that help students transfer thoughts onto paper. Sticky ideas employ bits and pieces of writing to create a finished product!

How does it help?

Deep learning occurs when students actively engage and create written products. Every Sticky Ideas activity includes multisensory approaches to help students capture their thoughts and then organize them on paper. By participating in conversation, then writing on sticky notes, we show kids how they can move ideas around and plan for great paper! Sticky Ideas can be modified for various ages and writing projects, using them again and again, across the years. Sticky Ideas fosters critical thinking while students learn the writing process.

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How do I use it?

Sticky Ideas shows the educator different strategies for writing with kids—all involving bits and pieces of writing to capture student thoughts. This packet includes different levels of writing, presented in step-by-step examples, to show educators how to guide students through any writing project in a fun and functional approach.

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