PDF Download - 32 page early reader picture book with phonics instruction

Grade Level: pre-K - 2nd

This colorful story includes step-by-step phonics strategies for successful reading and early writing practice.

How do I use it?

Rats! includes step-by-step phonics instruction for parents and educators to teach students necessary phonics strategies. Each concept is then applied in the story, allowing immediate student practice. Students share the adventure of two rats who accidentally come upon the family cat. Follow these playful rodents as their story introduces the short a, i, and o vowel sounds, along with the letter set of c, h, n, p, r, s, t, and z. Use this story along with the Welcome to the Forest video for a complete understanding of how to teach emergent readers.

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How does it help?

New readers follow these loveable rodents as they build basic decoding skills. Then, phonics knowledge is reinforced by writing copywork passages, provided at the end of the story. Research reveals that teaching reading and writing together grows stronger literacy skills in students. Rats! also includes early suffix practice for engagement in simple word study. The combined skills of word study and phonics build the strongest base for reading fluency and accurate spelling.

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