Observational Cartoons

Observational Cartoons


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Grade Level: 4th - 12th

Inspire abstract thinking through cartooning with this Write Draw Think activity.

What is the Write-Draw-Think process?

Write-Draw-Think products actively blend writing, drawing, and thinking to teach students close reading and analytical writing. Improve student focus, promote student engagement, and deliver student output with this multisensory strategy. Write-Draw-Think fosters deep learning as well as abstract thinking. Our research-supported, hands-on approach combines enjoyable activities with much-needed skill-building practice. Drawing skill is NOT required!

How does it help?

Cartooning is a great vehicle for learning. The combination of writing and drawing provides a multisensory activity that keeps students engaged. It also provides an avenue to deep learning. By creating a physical product like a cartoon, students can conceptualize, explore, elaborate, and better comprehend complex ideas.

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How do I use it?

Observational Cartoons gives students the opportunity to practice careful observation, bits and pieces of writing, expressive drawing, and abstract thinking. As students move through Observational Cartoons, they are guided from concrete to abstract thinking—a skill needed for deep comprehension and analysis, and requiring continuous practice. This activity can be used by the educator to guide students or it can be used as an independent study by older students.

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