PDF Download - 42 page student graphic character journal

Grade Level: 4th - 12th (can be modified for all ages)

Discover literary concepts while illustrating characters!

What is the Write-Draw-Think process?

Write-Draw-Think products actively blend writing, drawing, and thinking to teach students close reading and analytical writing. Improve student focus, promote student engagement, and deliver student output with this multisensory strategy. Write-Draw-Think fosters deep learning as well as abstract thinking. Our research-supported, hands-on approach combines enjoyable activities with much-needed skill-building practice. Drawing skill is NOT required!

How do I use it?

Explore-a-Story takes students on a write-draw-think journey to deepen understanding and grow confidence. Each journal page is applied to a character, exercising close reading skills as students engage in bits and pieces of writing. Easy directions encourage simple drawings, so even reluctant artists and writers can feel success! Tips and tricks are sprinkled throughout the journal to grow children as both artists and writers, helping them capture their ideas on paper.

Students learn basic literary elements of theme, conflict, symbolism, and character development. By filling their journal with multiple characters, students attain deeper literacy skills.

Explore-a-Story promotes analytical thinking, allowing students to collect their progress across a semester or even a full year!

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How does it help?

Students dig deeper into stories they read as they complete the Explore-a-Story journal. The multisensory strategies help students improve reading comprehension and strengthen their writing skills by breaking down complex, high-level thinking tasks into manageable parts.

Educators will gain understanding of their student’s learning process, seeing why students learn best when they are engaged and working to a level of success. Best of all, these reading and writing strategies work for students of all levels, including those who struggle.

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