Build-a-Bug: Sound Bugs

Build-a-Bug: Sound Bugs


PDF Download - 22 page phonics packet (5 activities)

Grade Level: K - 3rd (adaptable for older students)

Strengthen early reading and writing knowledge with engaging manipulatives and fun games!

What is phonics?

Phonics is the relationship between phonology (sounds) and orthography (letters/symbols). Understanding and practicing this relationship is key to successful reading and spelling. Phonics allows students to “sound out” words while reading and writing.

How do I use it?

Sounds Bugs is full of multi-sensory games that help students track sounds and engage in active spelling and reading practice. New and struggling readers use the bugs to help isolate sounds for specific practice, as well as read across multi-sound words to build fluency in reading.

Students of all ages enjoy building and swatting their way to reading. Print, laminate, and cut out Sound Bugs to use throughout the years!

Sound Bugs is part of our Build-a-Bug method that uses manipulatives to engage students. Multisensory strategies help students visualize and retain complex concepts. This program includes three different bug sizes for use with different ages and abilities.

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How does it help?

Sound Bugs strengthens sound processing for successful reading and spelling. The bug design emphasizes left-to-right sound tracking, required for foundational reading and spelling skills. Through explicit teaching and practice, students learn how to represent sounds for reading and writing--in a way that’s both meaningful and “sticky.” Bugs also provide a simple, functional alternative to using letter tiles, giving students a sense that words are a finished masterpiece!

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