Blart: A Little Blob of Art

Blart: A Little Blob of Art


PDF Download - 40 page wordless picture book

Grade Level: Students of all ages

Blart helps students of all ages understand complex language arts concepts!

How do I use it?

Educators use Blart’s story to engage students in various writing activities:

Students write with Blart to discover the importance of setting and its relationship to a story's plot and theme. (Activity in Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers & Writers through Deep Comprehension)

Students use Blart to gain understanding and create a written illustration of various plot arcs. (Activity in Annotating Literary Elements)

Students use writing prompts to engage in  conversational analysis, abstract thinking, interpretive writing, and art. (Activity in the free download for Blart, linked below)

Blart appeals to students of all ages because of its humorous peek at what happens inside a sketchbook after it’s closed.  Follow Blart as he gets bored with his page and finds forgotten bits of art and even some abandoned supplies.

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How does it help?

Blart activities develop analytical thinking and writing skills. Learning should be multisensory to ensure deep learning and improve memory for new concepts. Learning that is visible and enjoyable and includes bits and pieces of writing aids student success and future independence.

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