Big Bug Grammar 1: Sentence Types - 2nd Edition

Big Bug Grammar 1: Sentence Types - 2nd Edition


PDF Download - 40 page multisensory functional guide to basic grammar

Grade Level: K-12 (older students may use independently)

This functional approach to grammar and mechanics improves student’s sentence construction and reading comprehension!

What is a functional grammar approach?

English grammar is the study of syntax, the underlying structure of our language system. To understand a structure, students have to build the structure! While students have an inherent understanding of their own verbal system, their grammar skills are challenged in reading and writing. Big Bug Grammar builds grammar concepts because it is engaging and multisensory--key factors for deep learning. Through explicit teaching and practice, students learn how to represent complex concepts in a way that’s both meaningful and “sticky.” Bugs also provide a simple, functional alternative to diagramming sentences, illustrating sentence meaning in order to learn grammar labels. When grammar becomes meaningful, understanding becomes possible and even enjoyable for all learners, particularly those who struggle.

How do I use it?

Educators engage students by adding a bit of creepy-crawly to grammar studies with Big Bug Grammar 1! Lessons can be modified for students of all ages, as this level begins with basic structures all students should know, whether they are reading simple sentences, or tackling classic literature and developing advanced editing skills. Bugs take students on a journey of understanding how and why sentences are organized as they are. The body parts help students remember important sentence parts, and recognize these parts in any sentence. This activity can be used by the educator to guide students. It can also be used as an independent study by older students, allowing them to apply the concepts to any literature, or their own writing.

In Big Bug Grammar 1, multiple lessons teach students the usage and application of these key grammar concepts:

  • Basic sentence mechanics

  • Subjects and verbs

  • Action verb sentence structure

  • Linking verb sentence structure

  • Helping verb sentence structure

  • Nouns, adjectives, and adverbs

  • Compound sentence parts

This program includes two different bug sizes for use with different ages and abilities.

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How does it help?

Strong grammar skills are needed for all language skills, not just speaking. Grammar study improves reading comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary building, strong writing, and independent editing skills. By focusing on the most salient features of grammar--sentence structure and meaning--students gain knowledge without becoming bogged down in meaningless terminology that changes with every sentence. Making grammar meaningful makes its usage meaningful, especially when students tackle this enormous area of study in a simplified manner. As students build bugs, they build grammar concepts, deepening their understanding! Best of all, these strategies can be applied to all learning levels--from simple readers to complicated ACT practice sentences!

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