Alien Bugs Word Study

Alien Bugs Word Study


PDF Download - 20 page word study packet (6 activities and bug templates)

Grade Level:  1st - 12th (can be modified for all ages)

Aliens invade language arts to advance vocabulary and spelling growth.

What is Word Study?

Word Study is the study of the structural elements of words--prefixes, base words,and suffixes, as well as a word’s root origin and language history. Spelling is the interaction of Word Study and Phonics.

How does it help?

Most English words are built with a relatively consistent structure: prefixes + base word + suffixes. In order to become strong spellers, students must learn to recognize and apply these word-forming elements along with their phonics skills! Research supports that Word Study results in the best retention and usage of vocabulary and spelling skills. Alien Bug manipulatives teach these concepts using our Build-a-Bug method to bolster understanding and improve memory for new concepts.

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How do I use it?

Creep and crawl into the world of Word Study! Build-a-Bug manipulatives provide skill practice that utilizes multiple areas of the brain. Grade schoolers, tweens, and teens all enjoy this introduction to word structure as they manipulate prefixes, suffixes, and base words. Alien Bugs make complex ideas simple to understand and remember, demonstrating how words morph into different meanings and parts of speech. These six Alien Bug activities and games will launch kids into the universe of Word Study!

Print, laminate, and cut out the Alien Bugs to use again and again throughout your schooling.

“I just bought your Building an Alien Bugs Word Study Pack. The idea of using parasites to depict the dependent nature of affixes is brilliant - and very sticky for kids! The pack contents are clear and to the point. Thank you for sharing such a great invention”

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