Tools to Assist with Emotional Response

Tools to Assist with Emotional Response


8-page PDF download

Help students maintain emotional control when faced with frustration.

What are Philosophy of Teaching Downloads for?

Educators are empowered when they understand the philosophy behind what they teach. The more you understand, the better equipped you are to help your students. Each Philosophy of Teaching download helps educators understand the why of teaching, helping them to make better decisions regarding the how of teaching.

How do I use it?

Watch the Rooted in Webinar with Joy Martin as she talks about the psychological effects of living with a learning weakness, how emotional responses develop and are triggered, and what we can do to help our kids (and ourselves). Use this PDF to read along as Joy explains this important information with Rita.

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How will it help?

Joy Martin shares her handout for our podcast: “Children’s Emotional Responses to Learning Struggles.” In this PDF Joy shares great insights into calming techniques and ways to alleviate learning-related panic in your students.

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