Recycling the C & G

Recycling the C & G


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Improve your spelling mastery with this visual rule!

Teaching Tools for the LA Binder

Many phonics and spelling programs explicitly teach rules through illustrations and mnemonics. Here is one of our favorites—illustrated by Tracy Molitors for Rooted in Language and our followers.

How will it help?

The letters <c> and <g> can represent two different sounds, depending on the vowels that come after. This visual page will help students remember how to apply this tricky spelling pattern!

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How do I use it?

These three rules are foundational to spelling with suffixes. Use this guide to help students combine spelling and word study. Soon they will be learning these spelling patterns as they practice!

We recommend that this document goes in the Spelling section of your LA Binder! Then students can reference these rules whenever they engage in word study.

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