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This acronym reminds educators to tackle all the important components of literacy!

What are Philosophy of Teaching Downloads for?

Educators are empowered when they understand the philosophy behind what they teach. The more you understand, the better equipped you are to help your students. Each Philosophy of Teaching download helps educators understand the why of teaching, helping them to make better decisions regarding the how of teaching.

How do I use it?

Reading and writing are skills that involve coordinating many areas of language. We have adapted Marian Wolf's acronym to include important language components for achieving successful reading and writing.

POSSUM reminds educators to target the six necessary ingredients for any language arts program. It can serve as a guide for Intentional Copywork and Dictation practice, illustrating that skills must be taught both individually and together!

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How will it help?

Educators are faced with a monumental task in helping students learn. It is a challenge to decide what to teach and why! POSSUM illustrates the complexity of literacy, reminding educators to explicitly teach each skill area in order to help students become successful readers and writers.

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