Lulu Learns to Write

Lulu Learns to Write


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Lulu’s story illustrates how children learn to write, and why struggling learners need explicit skills training!

What are Philosophy of Teaching Downloads for?

Educators are empowered when they understand the philosophy behind what they teach. The more you understand, the better equipped you are to help your students. Each Philosophy of Teaching download helps educators understand the why of teaching, helping them to make better decisions regarding the how of teaching.

How do I use it?

Lulu Learns to Write is a graphic metaphor to enlighten both educators and their students. Imagine each separate writing skill as a box. Lulu, our young writer, must balance a number of skills--each to be learned individually, then mastered simultaneously. As Lulu grows and learns, she needs less cognitive “work space” for her foundational skills, allowing more room for higher-level thinking. LuLu’s story represents the Cognitive Load Theory, showing how skills, once automatic, require less cognitive effort.

Share Lulu’s story with developing readers and writers to help them understand why we recommend Intentional Copywork and Dictation as a regular weekly practice.

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How will it help?

Educators are faced with a monumental task in helping students become successful readers and writers. It is a challenge to decide what to teach and why! Lulu Learns to Write illustrates the Cognitive Load Theory, demonstrating why foundational reading and writing skills must be mastered to a level of fluency, known as “automaticity.” Only then, can students progress to advanced reading and writing