Instructional Guide - Comprehension

Instructional Guide - Comprehension


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Our guide helps educators deepen students’ understanding of text using a variety of Rooted in Language instructional materials.

How do I use it?

Although each Rooted in Language resource explores specific strategies, they typically overlap one another. Consequently, it is possible to enhance student progress by interweaving our products and materials. This educator guide walks you through our recommended sequence for teaching the various instructional materials for comprehension.

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How will it help?

Teaching the right strategies at the right time supports student growth. This guide describes how to interweave several of our resources, including: Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension, Annotating Literary Elements, Blart: A Little Blob of Art, Explore-a-Story, Fishing for Meaning, Annotation BookMarks Poetry Lesson. There is also a reference to a helpful Rooted In podcast.