Welcome to the Forest

Welcome to the Forest


Learn how to introduce reading, writing and copywork to early readers and writers.

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Welcome to the Forest: Copywork and the Emergent Reader is a deep dive into early reading, writing, and copywork. This 1.5 hour course is designed to help educators work with new readers and writers. Reading and writing skills should be taught in tandem because each skill helps grow the other, creating a strong language system. Rita and Moira demonstrate how we teach early reading and writing foundational skills.

Our strategies are engaging and effective for both struggling and typical new readers. We teach explicit techniques supported by research.

Our approach to reading and writing, even at the earliest levels, includes:

  • Letter recognition

  • Letter formation

  • Sound-to-letter introduction and practice

  • Short Vowel sounds

  • Early copywork practice

  • Introductory word study and grammar

Watch this class to sharpen your teaching techniques. Help your new reader and writer build a strong foundation for a successful language system!