The Vowel Chart

The Vowel Chart



Educators create a model Vowel Chart. Students at all ages and stages will use this sound-to-symbol resource throughout the years—a key addition to the L.A. Binder!

Date & Time: Friday, January 11th, 3pm EST.

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Vowel sounds are the trickiest sounds for readers to master. Most learners benefit from structured practice and guided instruction. By building a Vowel Chart with your students, you can help them better understand the intricacies of sound and spelling. As each student creates their Vowel Chart, they strengthen their working memory and increase their independence.

Creating this resource strengthens students’ ability to sort vowel spellings and read more fluently.

In this class, you will build a complete Vowel Chart to have for your own reference, learning the theory behind this powerful tool. All the relevant documents to help you build a Vowel Chart with students will be included.

A complete Instructional Plan, as well as demonstrations of how to explicitly teach phonics principles, vowel sounds, and important spelling conventions, is included in our online class: Laying a Path: Phonics & Spelling.