Laying a Path 1: Phonics & Spelling

Laying a Path 1: Phonics & Spelling


Laying a Path Online Educator Training

Strengthen your teaching methods for phonics and spelling principles!

2019-2020 Schedule: September 20th & 27th, 1-4pm EST

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What we teach:

This class teaches educators and parents the importance and practical use of phonics and spelling. Through this 4-hour course, you will learn how to teach your own students across all phonics levels, from short vowel sounds to vowel teams to multi-syllable words. You will learn multi-sensory strategies to share with your students to strengthen their phonological processing, sound-to-letter associations, and early spelling skills.  

Appropriate for educators/parents teaching all skill levels K-12, including evidence-based practices for struggling readers and writers.

When we teach:

  • 2018 - 2019 Schedule: Class Closed

  • 2019 - 2020 Schedule: September 20th & 27th

The course is divided across 2 days and each session lasts 2-3 hours.

In the live class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Class recordings will be made available to all participants after the course. You must have a Zoom account to participate in our classes and a YouTube account to view the recordings. Both accounts are free and easy to set up.

This class is best taken in conjunction with Laying A Path 2: Word Study for a comprehensive approach to teaching spelling.

Why we teach:

Phonics introduces students to reading and strengthens the link to their verbal language system. Sound processing is needed to track sounds and is one component of writing. Good readers, writers, and spellers must coordinate the following: sound processing, basic phonics principles, spelling conventions, grammar, word study, and meaning. This class builds sound processing, which must be practiced with other reading and writing skills. Therefore our Phonics & Spelling course emphasizes phonological skills—training needed by every student, especially those who struggle with reading and writing.

“Thanks for all you've done. It has honestly been a life changing year to have the resources we needed. Your help and your team has made all the difference!”

“Thank you for changing our life.  Having a plan and a program has helped both of us.”