Handwriting Struggle & Intervention

Handwriting Struggle & Intervention


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2019 Schedule: May 10th, 3pm-4:30pm EST

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Handwriting is deeply rooted in the language system. It is a complicated, multisensory ability that relies on auditory processing, visual understanding, skin sensation, and spatial skill. It requires continuous attention and a foundation of automatic skills for a student to experience success.

This is why we focus on handwriting as a necessary piece of complete reading and writing success. We will share evidence-based practice to help students who struggle with handwriting so that they may progress to a level of success.

We work specifically with children who have handwriting weakness and Dysgraphia, and we have experience guiding parents/educators through teaching their own students in this key area.

In this class, we will share our order of teaching, our multisensory strategies, and a plan for progress that can be tailored to your specific needs.