We Are Not Alone

As I sit to write this blog about our new classes, I see them in a new light—that of parent, not professional. I am in the ER, feet propped on my son’s gurney, typing thoughts that have been swirling in my head since 2:00 am. My son is battling Ulcerative Colitis, and we are in the unsettling stage of trying to learn what we need to know, while frustrated over how he has suffered due to our inevitable learning curve.

I have been having those intense Momma-moments for the last 24 hours, finally lamenting to my husband in frustration: I just wish we had a nurse or professional that is available to guide us. Someone to tell us what signs to watch for. Someone to walk us through the system. Someone to tell us when we need to get more help, but also to help us manage at home what we can manage at home!

What I want is twofold: information to help me learn what I don’t know and a coach to guide us as we walk this path, for those inevitable (but unforeseen) footfalls and obstacles along the way.


What I want for my child is what I am trying to provide for yours! And let me tell you, now as a parent who also needs help, I am even more committed to give you support for managing your children’s reading and writing development.

Laying a Path is our educational series designed to help build skills. Moira and I create these classes to provide you with teaching strategies for strengthening a specific skill area needed for successful reading/writing. We provide conference-level, hands-on demonstrations of how we teach our students.

1)   Laying a Path: Phonics and Spelling includes three 90-minute recordings of our March-April class, available for purchase.

2)     Laying a Path: Vocabulary and Word Study is our live class available in August. Word Study will demonstrate how we support vocabulary, spelling, and grammar through the practice of morphology. We will again provide three 90-minute sessions, each with explanation, demonstrations, and lessons for kids of all ages. The live class allows you to ask questions specific to your child’s needs.

Roots Entwined is our coaching class. Moira and I will be available to help you coordinate all of your Language Arts goals, with specific attention to strategies to support both reading and writing. We will teach you how and help you manage as you move along the path. We will help you decide if you need to pursue other professionals. Roots Entwined will not cover essential skills to the depth of the Laying a Path classes--those are used to build skills, and make an excellent supplement to your everyday teaching. Our monthly coaching class (Roots Entwined) will help you learn how to practice the consolidation of those skills, in reading, writing, editing, Intentional copywork, dictation, and original writing, all throughout the school year.

Meanwhile, we are combining my 30+ years’ experience, Moira’s updated education and creative endeavors, and Tracy’s artistic talents to give you other educational choices.

Free videos and our Twigsblog allow us to answer questions and provide helpful information. We are always loading free and affordable ideas and materials in our store, and alerting you via newsletters and Facebook of what’s new at Rooted in Language. Be sure to download the Twiglet on our website to receive our top three Post-it Note strategies for generating Bits & Pieces of Writing! Moira is sharing Instagram ideas daily, so be sure to follow us @rootedinlanguage.

I am committed to writing more Trees in the Forest books, so I can help you better understand WHAT matters in reading and writing, WHY we do what we do, and HOW you can apply important strategies to your language arts studies. Tracy and I are working on the Vocabulary and Word Study edition. It will be a great expansion to the Laying a Path: Word Study demo class.

Finally, I know with my son, I just want someone to give us a prescribed plan. Something we can pick up and use, without having to wade through all of the theory and research involved, making mistakes all the while. Therefore, Rooted in Language is also working to provide activities for you to buy. These are real lessons we teach real kids year after year. A few of these are already in our Shop at Rootedinlanguage.com, and there will be more available in time for fall.

Go to our website (www.rootedinlanguage.com) and click on "Classes" in the menu bar to register for our courses. I want to support you, so you can educate your kids and manage their learning struggles.


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