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August is our month for On-line Classes! In 10 days Moira and I have taught four parent-training classes, logging dozens of hours for each one.

We started with Brave Writer Summer Camp on August 1st and 2nd, leading two 75-minute webinars about our teaching approach to learning challenges. We shared our three best philosophies - encouraging parents that no matter which curriculum they choose, they need to remember that how they teach matters the most for a struggling learner. One of the key ideas presented is reflected in all we do: teach the skills, and then the consolidation of those skills. At Rooted in Language, we help parents learn how to strengthen kids' individual Language Arts skills, then we help them understand that every skill needs to be practiced within reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Which leads us to our other online classes . . .

On August 4th, Moira and I taught our second annual monthly coaching class for the upcoming school year, called Roots Entwined. In this class, we work with parents throughout the school year to help them see how Language Arts can be organized around their children's challenges, and how they can concentrate on skill building throughout the school year. We limited the first August class to 10 people, since we helped people plan their individual schedules during the session. Many of you missed that class, but signed up for the September class...coming up on the 1st! Watch our newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook page to learn more about the September parent coaching class. Roots Entwined is so named because we twine our expertise with your caring teaching, in order to have a positive impact on your child's learning. The name also hales from the course's purpose: to help parents create the best Language Arts program that integrates all the reading and writing skills their kids need for a strong year.

On August 10th we kicked off Part 1 (of 3) of our Laying a Path class. Laying a Path is our way of teaching parents how to lay each stone in the path to learning an important L.A. skill. These classes focus on one area of learning--one skill--showing parents how we teach our students. This month, the class tackles Vocabulary and Word Study--important morphology skills needed for improved spelling, grammar, and comprehension. Parents were excited and engaged, and ready to come back next week.

Moira and I love teaching online classes--helping parents help their kids! We believe that the best learning happens in relationship, so we are here for you. We like to say we are rooting for you and rooting for your kids!

Watch for all our curriculum, online classes, and free ideas! We post everything our @rootedinlanguage Instagram and Facebook pages. We are also in the process of improving our website (www.rootedinlanguage.com) for enhanced navigation and a user-friendly store.

I like to say I have 35 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist, but only 18 months experience bringing my ideas to you in an online platform--wherever you are! Together, we can help your kids become the best readers and writers that they can be!


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