Rooted in Language believes that literacy is a pivotal stone on the path to success. Many children who struggle with learning become frustrated, want to give up, or worse, secretly wonder if they are simply not smart enough. We show kids a path to reading and writing, helping them take the next step, and the next, and the next…

Each advancement is a new stone along every child’s path of progress. While walking this path, children learn to appreciate the value and joy of sharing ideas with others through reading and writing.

We recognize that every student, no matter age or ability, learns differently. Our mission, classes, and products are designed to help our students become successful readers and writers. We provide strategy-based curricula, artistic approaches, and flexible learning activities that can be easily molded to the individual.

Rooted in Language started in July, 2016!

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Meet our Rooted in Language Family!

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Rita Cevasco ~ M.A., CCC-SLP

I love language arts, and I love helping kids love language arts. I fell in love with reading and writing as a child, shared that passion with my children, and now spark that interest in my students.

I have spent over thirty years working with children as a speech-language pathologist and reading-writing specialist. I have extensive training for treating dyslexia, using various reading and spelling programs for children with weak reading and writing skills, and I use evidence-based strategies tested over time. My caseload includes students with higher level skills who have appreciable reading, writing, and language-based school performance difficulties. I also teach online training classes, help create curricula, and author Rooted in Language products.

I am married and a mother of three adult progeny, so I know what it’s like to parent children in traditional school, homeschool, and university settings. I am pursuing my life-long writing interests as the idea generator of Rooted in Language!

Tracy Molitors ~ M.B.A

I love words, pictures, and color! I've lived a renaissance life filled with reading, art, music, and numbers. I love to learn and I love making learning fun for myself and others.

I am a watercolor artist, graphic designer, and children's book author and illustrator. I enjoy taking complex ideas, especially about art, reading, and writing, and making them playful and inviting. My love of teaching children, art, and storytelling combine within the realm of authorship and illustration. I create visual metaphors for the big ideas taught by Rooted in Language. I also teach online classes, help create curricula, and author Rooted in Language products. Nothing is more satisfying than engaging the imagination of children of all ages!

I am married and the mother of two adult children who continue to keep me grounded in the current century. As both designer and illustrator, I am the architect for Rooted in Language.

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Claire Baker ~ B.F.A.

From the time I learned to read and write, I have been creating my own stories. I love writing in all its forms—creative, analytical, or poetic. I particularly enjoy exploring graphic storytelling for myself and with my students.

I have a BFA in Creative Writing with additional training in tutoring children who struggle with reading and writing. I dabble in my own writing while also creating curricula for Rooted in Language. Due to my compulsive needs to organize everything around me, I have taken over administrative duties. If you have questions or concerns, I am likely the one coming to your aid!

I am soon to be married and continue to pursue my interests in writing, drawing, ceramics, and sugar sculpting. As a natural problem-solver and information-tracker, I am the sticky bit in the middle—the lynch pin that holds Rooted in Language together as we grow.

Moira Chrzanowski ~ M.A., CCC-SLP

There's nothing I love more than reading a good book. Unless it's analyzing a good book! I love recruiting people into my passions, be it reading, writing, drama, or music. My love for sharing these myriad interests has naturally lead me to teaching! 

I am a speech-language pathologist and an Orton-Gillingham trained therapist. I have experience treating adults with voice disorders. I currently work with school-aged children who struggle with reading and writing. As a former piano teacher and voice pathologist, I take every opportunity to invite music into my sessions. Through Rita Cevasco & Associates, I enjoy adapting and modifying strategies to address the unique challenges of each student. I love to draw with them, write with them, and learn with them. Learning in relationship is rewarding for my students, their parents, and for me! With Rooted in Language, I also teach online classes, help create curricula, and write for our social media. 

I am married and my husband and I love to travel, eat great food, and scale rock walls everywhere. I enjoy sharing the work of my students and bragging about their efforts. Because of my mission to empower parents and students by sharing how we teach, I have become the Rooted in Language marketing mogul.

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