Rooted in Language’s mission is to teach you how to teach your students to become successful readers and writers.

Students who struggle can feel frustrated and hopeless, or worse, secretly believe they are “not good enough.” Parents and educators often feel the same, as they scramble for resources and ideas to solve confusing literacy problems. Rooted in Language has grown from decades of experience in working with struggling readers and writers. We know that literacy is the foundation for a student’s path to educational and lifelong success.

We show educators--both home and traditional--how to move struggling students toward reading and writing independence. We provide a clear path, showing how we guide learners to take the next step, and the next, and the next… We demonstrate how we reduce student frustration, help them work to a level of success, and restore hope.

Every educator training class and all our materials are developed from evidence-based practice in the fields of reading, writing, intervention, education, and speech-language therapy. Every idea has been tested with our own students, most of whom struggle with dyslexia and dysgraphia. We provide strategy-based curricula, hands-on approaches, and flexible learning activities that can be easily adapted to the individual.

Rooted in Language sprouted in July, 2016!

Meet the Rooted Crew!

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Rita Cevasco ~ M.A., CCC-SLP

Rita Cevasco enjoys language arts and teaching, as well as helping others share her interest in both. Rita shared her passion when teaching her own children to read and write—discovering that the experience was not as smooth or romantic as she imagined! For decades she has worked with students who struggle as readers and writers, understanding that interest is not possible until skills are improved and success is achieved.

Rita has spent over thirty years working as a speech-language pathologist and reading-writing specialist. She has extensive training in intervention for dyslexia and dysgraphia, combining various reading and spelling programs with her speech-language knowledge to impact all language arts skills. Rita has built her work on evidence-based strategies from the fields of language and reading, using methods that have been tested with her own students—all of whom struggle with reading, writing, and language-based learning difficulties. Rita is the co-owner of Rooted in Language, where she teaches online educator training classes, creates podcasts and blogs, and co-authors instructional materials. She specializes in creating deep learning strategies to aid students in taking small steps toward huge growth and progress.

Rita is married and the mother of three adult children, so she understands parenting children in traditional school, homeschool, and university settings. Rita is pursuing her life-long writing interests as she continues to develop and share ideas and curricula at Rooted in Language and through the Rooted Community.

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Tracy Molitors ~ M.B.A.

Tracy is an author and illustrator of educational books and instructional materials, as well as children’s literature. Her award-winning watercolors add vibrancy and warmth to her books.

As co-founder of the company Rooted in Language, Tracy’s mission is to make learning materials and books that are visually pleasing and enjoyable for students, yet clear, logical, and user-friendly for educators. She enjoys sharing complex ideas, especially about art, reading, and writing, and making those ideas accessible and playful through words, pictures, and color!

Tracy realizes that new concepts and pages of text can be overwhelming, so she creates visual metaphors to help. Her inviting graphics aid both struggling and typical learners, providing small, necessary steps toward success. Tracy works to engage the imagination of students.

Tracy is married and the mother of two adult children who continue to keep her grounded in the current century. As a former private art teacher for children and adults, Tracy is inspired by every opportunity to share her art, expertise, and creative ideas at Rooted in Language and within the Rooted community!


Claire Baker ~ B.F.A.

From the time Claire learned to read and write, she has been creating her own stories. She loves writing in all its forms—creative, analytical, or poetic. She particularly enjoys exploring graphic storytelling for herself and with her students.

Claire has a BFA in Creative Writing with additional training in tutoring children who struggle with dyslexia and dysgraphia. She provides private reading and writing intervention, helping students gain literacy skills.

Claire also enjoys gaming, Star Wars, super heroes, and other nerdy endeavors, and happily shares these interests with her students, aiding them on their path to literacy. Claire’s forte is creating metaphors to help students understand the writing process. Give her a puzzle and she’ll build a solution!

Claire creates curricula for Rooted in Language, as well as managing administrative duties. If you have questions or concerns, she is likely the one coming to your aid. As a natural problem-solver and information-tracker, Claire provides technical expertise for the Rooted Crew.

Claire is married and continues to pursue her interests in writing, drawing, gaming, ceramics, and sugar sculpting.

Moira Chrzanowski ~ M.A., CCC-SLP

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There's nothing Moira loves more than reading a good book. Unless it's analyzing a good book! Moira recruits her students to her passions, be it reading, writing, drama, or music. She is a former piano teacher with voice training.

Moira is a certified speech-language pathologist and an Orton-Gillingham trained therapist, with additional experience treating children with articulation difficulties and adults with voice disorders. She currently works with school-aged students who struggle with reading and writing. In private therapy she adapts and modifies strategies to address the unique challenges of her students. Moira draws with them, writes with them, and learns with them. “Learning in relationship” is a Rooted in Language philosophy that Moira practices with her students and their parents.

At Rooted in Language, Moira teaches online educator training classes, helps create curricula, and supports the Rooted Community through social media. She enjoys sharing student work and bragging about their efforts. By providing examples online, Moira helps fulfill our Rooted in Language mission to empower educators and students.

Moira is married and loves to travel, eat great food, and scale rock walls everywhere.